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Voices of Yorkshire is a fun & relaxed weekly singing group

based in different areas within Yorkshire

So you’re thinking of joining a choir?!

Well, you’re in the right place! Voices of Yorkshire is a very relaxed and inclusive choir, open to anyone with a love of singing from 18 to 118! 


Will I have to sing a solo?

Quite simply, No! We will never ask you to sing alone and you will never be singled out — it’s just not how we roll. We want you to feel relaxed so you can enjoy singing in a comfortable environment, whether you are a shower singer or a professional!


What if I get some of the notes wrong?

It doesn't matter! We will always be on hand to help you reach the higher notes! But the most important thing is having a go and having fun!


What kind of songs will I be singing?

We sing a range of well known contemporary rock and pop songs as well as some show tunes, and we are always open to suggestions! If there’s something you’re really keen to sing, please let us know!


Do I have to read music?

No, we don’t sing from sheet music. We will make the lyrics available for you to print and bring to choir. Most people like to bring a pen and make notes to help them learn and remember the song! We usually sing in 3 parts and it always sounds fantastic!


Will we get the chance to perform?

Yes! We love to join in with local community events where possible! We are often asked to perform and take every opportunity to raise money for charity, having raised tens of thousands already! We believe in giving back to the community and what better way to do it! In the past we have hired large theatres for full scale concerts, performed at York Races and we’ve even recorded our own album! Of course it’s absolutely not compulsory to perform if it’s just not your thing, although lots of people love it once they’ve got the bug!


How many Voices of Yorkshire Choirs are there altogether?

We currently have 6 choirs in the following locations; Bingley, Skipton, Oakworth, Silsden, Pudsey and Menston, running Mondays through to Thursdays!

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